How to Survive Being Engaged – Take a Trip

Take a Trip

Or a date night or something!  It is important to take breaks from wedding planning.  Planning a wedding is a huge task and can very easily take over a couple’s life.  Date nights, wedding free times and areas and even a pre-wedding trip can all be used to keep a couple grounded in why they are doing all of this planning in the first place.  Planning a wedding can be very stressful and tempers will often run high under stress.  Wedding free zones can be rooms of the house such as the bedroom and kitchen.  Wedding free times can include certain hours each day or certain days of the week on a regular basis.  It doesn’t matter what comes up do not violate these times and zones.  All the issues will still be there in the morning or later to be addressed.  A pre-wedding trip need only be a weekend down the shore or a night of camping.  Just a small get away where it is just the couple and no talk of weddings!  Banishing talk of weddings from a romantic trip may seem unrealistic so keep a notepad handy where any ideas that arise can be written down to be discussed later.

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