How to Survive Being Engaged – Stay Organized & Follow Your Budget

Stay Organized

Keep notes. Keep spreadsheets and receipts.  Keep track of money spent, purchases made and contracts signed.  It is easy to go over budget if every dime isn’t tracked and easy to lose sight of important details if everything isn’t kept organized. Purchase a wedding planning guide that includes folders for contracts and envelopes for receipts or just set up your own with a notebook and folders.  Keep all things wedding in one place or keep an up to date list of where everything is being stored.  If the dress is at the bride’s mother’s house being hidden from the groom write it down.  A few moments keeping track of each item and change can be invaluable later.  This list should be shared with the day of coordinator if the couple is having one at the meeting a few weeks before the wedding to help him or her do their job more easily.

Follow the Budget

Nothing causes more stress to new families than finances.  Make a realistic budget after doing some research and setting priorities. Then stick to that budget.  If overspending happens in one area it is important to cut that money from elsewhere in the budget.  There is no need to go into more debt than a couple can handle to plan a wedding.  Do not count on promised money or purchase until the money is in hand or the purchase is completed.  Always have a backup plan.  Relatives offering to pay can fall on hard times or have a change of heart.  

Keep sight of what is important about the end result of wedding planning, that the couple winds up married at the end of the wedding day.  Careful planning will mean less goes wrong.  Most things that go wrong no one notices at a wedding except those who are intimately involved in the planning like the bride and groom.  If something huge does happen, it will make for a good story years from now.  So relax and enjoy.  Make wedding planning more fun and less of a chore.

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