How to Survive Being Engaged – Making Decisions & Doing Your Research

Don’t Keep Looking After You Decide

Engaged couples will be flooded with choices.  So many brides have bought a dress and then found another they absolutely love.  Couples have spent a fortune on linens only to change their color scheme.  That list of priorities a couple made at the beginning of planning is very important.  A change of heart can be a good thing but the time to make it is before purchases are made.  They key to preventing these needless purchases is to stop looking.  Don’t look through dress catalogs after there is a down payment on the dress of the bride’s dreams.  Don’t keep going to check out DJ s after a contract has been signed.  Chances are a lot of thought and discussion was put into each decision.  Trust it.

Do Your Research

To help make sure no decisions are impulse and they can be trusted.  Couples should do lots of research. Browse bridal forums for opinions and read the experiences people have had with vendors and ideas that are being considered. Flip through bridal magazines for pictures of trends and cute ideas.  Spend a little time getting familiar with all the choices that are available.  The bridal industry makes billions every year.  There is definitely more than one way to do things. Knowing all the facts about an idea, and all the possibilities, can help a couple make informed decisions that they do not have to second guess.

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