How to Survive Being Engaged – Choosing a Vendor

Choose Vendors You Can Trust and Then Trust Them

Brides and grooms will spend quite a bit of time reviewing vendors for many aspects of the wedding. There are so many things to consider when choosing a vendor.  A couple should be completely comfortable with the vendor and trust that they can do their job efficiently and deal with any problems that may arise.  After a vendor has been chosen it is important to let them do their jobs.  Trying to micromanage vendors can decrease their efficiency and strain the relationship, not to mention that it can cause stress for the couple that really doesn’t need to be added to the already hectic wedding planning process. Inform the vendors of any changes and expect them to do the same. Good vendor to client communication really only needs to be made before important deadlines, when any changes need to be made, and as confirmation before things are placed in motion.  Couples should not expect a daily phone call from their florist to let them know about fluctuations in the price of daisy stems.

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