How to Preserve and Recycle Your Wedding – Flowers, Favors and Decor

The Flowers

When selling – You obviously cannot sell your fresh flower selections from your wedding.  You can sell silk flowers, paper flowers and other alternative floral selections.  Take pictures of the current condition of the flowers to advertise them. If you haven’t altered the flowers (length, taking off a few blooms etc.) you can also post pictures of the raw products used to create your bouquets and centerpieces. Offer to disassemble the arrangements if the purchaser would prefer that.  You can also offer to assemble extra bouquets and centerpieces to match if you have the time.  Be sure to cover the cost of any extra materials and your time in your asking price. If you had the arrangements made for you or ordered them from a supplier, be sure to offer the contact information to your purchaser so they can order more bouquets and centerpieces and any matching items they would like.


When saving – When preserving your fresh floral bouquet it may be best to use the services of a professional. When deciding who will preserve your bouquet, be sure to do your research well in advance of your wedding.  Most forms of preservation will need to start by the day after your wedding and very few can be started more than three days after your wedding.  Preserving your bouquet at home is possible and effective, though it may not last as long.  Preserving flowers is a lengthy process that must be monitored, so be sure you have the time and understand the process before you decide to undertake the task yourself. If you want your bouquet to look realistic in its original form, your best option is to have the bouquet professionally freeze dried.  Your florist will take apart the bouquet to freeze dry the elements and then reassemble the bouquet.  This process can take a month or more. You can use drying agents at home to dry out and preserve your own bouquet.  Research methods before your wedding and have the supplies and a work space set aside in advance.  Don’t carry the bouquet around with you all day because you risk bruising the blooms.  Refrigerate the bouquet as soon as possible to preserve the blooms until you can get them home or taken to be preserved.


To store your silk flowers, wrap them individually in tissue paper and leave plenty of room in the box.  Keep the box in a dry place where there is no risk of it being crushed.

Favors and Décor

When selling – Take an accurate count of the remaining items you have and try to sell them in lots. Very few people will need the items in small amounts.  Provide information to the buyer that will allow them to purchase or create more of the items should they need them. As always, provide pictures of how you used the items.  You can also mention a few alternate ways that a prospective buyer could use the items.

When saving – You really only want a sampling of your favor and décor items.  No reason to save every tablecloth and vase. Wrap one of everything carefully and store it somewhere safe.

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