How To: Layer an Invitation

Layering your invitations will not only make them feel more substantial, but will add a crisp border around the edges.  One of our most popular invitations, the Grace, features a base layer and also a very pretty bow (we’ll get to that part next time).

First of all, you’ll probably need to take over the dining room table for awhile, as you’ll need a flat, solid, and clean surface to spread out your work.  Aside from your base layer and your invitation, all you will need is a double sided adhesive.  We recommend Tombow Permanent Adhesive, which is a small handheld dispenser that lays down a sticky strip.  For the most part, it is simple to use and mess free.  Do NOT use wet glue of any sort on your invitations!

  1. With your main invitation piece facing down, roll a strip of Tombow along the inside of each edge.  Try to get the adhesive near the edge, being careful to not run off.  IF this happens, simply roll any adhesive back onto the paper.
  2. Pick up your invitation and gently hold it with both hands, between your thumb and forefinger.
  3. With the invitation in hand, hover over your base layer while visually centering the invitation.
  4. Once you feel comfortable that all edges are fairly equal, gently place the invitation onto the base layer.
  5. If you’re happy with the placement, run a finger along each edge while holding the invitation in the middle to secure each side.  (IF you’re not happy, you should easily be able to peel the invitation off and try again.)
  6. Voila!  You did it!

Now that you’re armed with this simple knowledge, you can go crazy layering all of your wedding day stationery.  Happy layering!

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