Hot Color Combos for the 2011/2012 Season

Current trends are bringing together some very unlikely wedding invitation color combinations. Some of them may seem crazy, but they are so crazy they work beautifully.

Strawberry red and lime green- Bright red bouquets against the backdrop of lime green dresses adds a fun summery splash to a wedding color scheme.  Add some different shades of green as accents for a gorgeous touch.

Grapefruit pink and cantaloupe peach- These two colors are so close in shading that they may not seem a likely pair.  They create a fresh summer palette that will compliment any wedding.  Add some touches of yellow or ivory for completely different looks.

Eggplant purple and deep jeweled pink- Use eggplant as the main color in this palette and add touches of a deep jeweled pink.  The vibrant touches will bring the color palette alive.  The great thing about this palette is it can be used nearly year round at any time of day.

Slate gray and lemon yellow- This color combination gives a classy, vintage look.  Some whites and ivory shades can be used for variations as well as some deep green shades.

Bright yellow and turquoise or cyan- Two equally bright colors make an unlikely pair, but give them a try!

Ruby red and aqua blue-These vibrant colors paired together are rich and very complementary. Try adding touches of black, white or silver for a bit of grounding.

Lemon yellow and lime green- For a more muted look think the color of actual limes and not traditional lime green.  The brighter of the two pair well with the yellow but isn’t for everyone.

Tangerine orange and clover or fern green- The more muted green provides an excellent backdrop for the rich and bright orange.

Fuchsia and navy blue- Try a matte of one color and jeweled tones of the other for a distinct and elegant palette.

Plum or pansy purple and powder blue- The deep rich purple can be used as the base or accent color in pairing with the light blue.

Mint green and lavender- These two muted shades make each help the other create a pop.  Add deeper shades of one of the colors to completely transform the look.  Eggplant or fern green are good choices.

Ash Gray and bright pink- The muted gray provides an excellent backdrop for the pop of pink provided by flowers and other accents.

Cherry red and browns (chocolate, mocha, khaki)- The deep bright red can serve as the main color or accent color for nearly any shade of brown.

Pumpkin orange and slate gray- Gray is making a huge appearance in wedding color palettes right now and pumpkin orange is an excellent complement.

Bright yellow and soft pink- Bright yellows have been paired with equally bright pinks for some time now.  Using a softer pink instead is a recent trend.

Chocolate brown and white or ivory- This creates a beautiful and classic looking palette that is softer than a traditional black and white.

Sky blue and carrot orange- Soft blue provides a beautiful backdrop for the rich orange.  Using orange as a main color is risky but can be done with a soft accent like powder or sky blue.

Black and navy blue- Two colors this dark are a very unlikely pairing but make for an elegant and fun combination.  Use white as a backdrop for a daytime wedding.

Olive or grass green and bubblegum pink- The bright pink accents will add gorgeous pops of color to the deep greens.