Having a Food Themed Wedding

For the foodie couple, you may think how can we use our love for all things delicious as a theme in our wedding?

There are a few different ways to do so, some more subtle than others.

At the wedding ceremony you may decide to utilize strong smelling herbs in your bouquets. There are several different herbs to choose for your bouquet. Favorites include lavender, mint and rosemary. Some are savory some are sweet all will look and smell nicely as you are walking down the aisle.

For an outdoor ceremony, you may choose to decorate the altar. The perfect idea for the couple who always knows the best wine pairings we suggest decorating with grape vines. Weave the grapes and vines all over the outer edge of the altar for a nod to your love of wine.

At your reception you can display your love of good food with your decor. From dried chili pepper garlands, to hollowed artichokes turned candle holders and more. Utilizing real and fake produce with your decorations will carry your love of food throughout the reception hall.

If you want to really take your foodie wedding theme to the next level, consider having a signature food run through your reception meal.

Sort of like those signature cocktails we hear so much about. Instead, choose a favorite food or flavor that you would like presented through-out the meal.

Since summer is quickly approaching, we thought we’d take a summertime favorite fruit, the strawberry, and run with it.

Talk with your caterers about what they can do and any ideas they may have. Explain to them that you want to use said food through-out the evening. This isn’t to say that the food has to be the main flavor or focus of each dish just that it make some type of appearance. Many caterers will be thrilled with the idea of getting to use their creativity instead of making the same old stand bys.

Chat with them about all of your most favorite meals and recipes. Explain to them what type of experience you want your guests to have and of course share any food allergies or diet concerns. It is very important to offer an alternative in the event of allergies.

Planning out the way food will be presented will also help you make decisions. Some foods can be adapted more ways than others. Whether or not you want a small buffet of choices or a more elaborate five course meal will aid in your decision making as well.

Not all items served may be able to feature the flavor as well as others.

Make sure your caterers are keen on doing a trial run beforehand. You should always taste the items prior to serving them which of course is the fun part! You want to make sure you like what you are serving.

Below we’ve given you an idea of how to use strawberries as the main focus. What with summer just upon us it seemed like a terrific choice.

Reminder: strawberries are a fairly common food allergy. So if you want to go with a food theme, be sure to have a few plates ready with an alternative choice just in case.

  • A strawberry spinach salad for starters is a cheery and refreshing starter.
  • For the main course tempt your taste buds with a grilled pork loin and either strawberry salsa or cooked with a strawberry glaze.
  • And dessert well, that’s easy, from angel food to cheesecake strawberries go with them all!

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