I Said “Yes” to the Dress!

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Of everything on a bride’s to-do list, there is very little as exhilarating as finding the dress.  Well, I’m happy to share that I found MY wedding dress!  It’s dreamy and lovely and absolutely top-secret.

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Oh, the suspense!  Initially, I met with Emily of EdieKaye about making my dress for me.  She used to work here at The Green Kangaroo and is now growing her custom gown business locally.  The thought of a handmade gown was wonderful, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted.  I decided to try on dresses to find out what shapes and colors were best suited to me and, unexpectedly, I found one that I just LOVE!  Lessons Learned #4 & #5 — Definitely try on dresses; it’s a must moment for every bride!  And take some lovely ladies with you — it’s fun seeing their reactions.  I was happy to have my mom, mother-in-law-to-be, and one of my best friends there with me!

The dress I loved was a little more than I wanted to spend, so I didn’t buy it right away.  I went back this past weekend with another best friend of mine to swoon over it again and then slept on it yet some more.  It’s a big decision, you know?!  The next day I returned to order it!  I was a little sad to learn that it may take until April to come in, but I’m thrilled that it’s mine.  Lessons Learned #6, #7, & #8 — If you’re a little modest like I am, don’t wear thongs to try on dresses.  Don’t try on dresses that are not within your budget because you might get in trouble!  And when you know (for sure) it’s the one, snag it up before it gets gone.

side street restaurant and catering raleigh north carolinaLast week we secured our down-the-street caterer, Side Street.  Mary Lu, the very one who has greeted me each time I’ve visited, opened Side Street in 1979 as the only restaurant in the neighborhood.  We’ll also be visiting The Melting Pot this week to sample and select the menu for our rehearsal dinner.  A family friend manages the Raleigh restaurant and is helping prepare a fondue dinner that will be interesting and interactive for our pre-wedding celebration.  Lesson Learned #9 — You already know wedding venues book up early, but so do restaurants!  We contacted two local restaurants that were both booked a year ahead.

I believe the last really big thing on our list is the tent, which I’ll probably deal with this week.  Lesson Learned #10 — Book all the big things early because those are your best opportunities to save money.  Not to mention, it feels nice to have things in order!

I believe I’m on track with all of the many to-do’s listed within the countdowns of the various wedding magazines at home, but I cannot help to still feel quite overwhelmed with all that needs to get done.  It’s a good sort of overwhelming though.  By the next time I write, my save the dates will have been sent out, my guest list database will have been made, and maybe I’ll have even found some fun shoes!

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