Halloween Party 2011 – Theme Ideas for Your Halloween Party

Halloween parties can range from the haunted houses we loved as children to sophisticated masquerade parties for the adults. There is plenty of inspiration to be found for planning Halloween parties for all ages. Here is just a start to the ideas that can be used to create a wonderful Halloween party.  The possibilities are nearly endless and many can be easily adapted to the guest list.

Theme Ideas for Your Halloween Party

The right theme can get guests of all ages in the Halloween spirit. The key is to know the guests who will be attending and their interests or to pick a universally appealing theme.

Renaissance Affair- Turn a Halloween party into a renaissance faire.  Serve period food, light the room with candles and hang swords and crests on the walls.  Call your guests lords and ladies and watch everyone quickly give into the fun of the role play. Crown a king and queen of the faire to award the best costumes fairly early in the party to add a twist to the fun. Hire entertainers like magicians to entertain the court and play lively reels and other music.

Haunted House- Dimmed lights, glow in the dark paint, black lights and a spooky soundtrack make a great start for a haunted house Halloween party.  It can be very elaborate or simple and spooky. Create a story about the haunted house and have the creepy subject of the story make a frightening appearance later in the evening. Use a scavenger hunt or clue-filled map to help guests find the hidden treasure while dealing with all the dangers of the haunted house.

Masquerade Ball- Lovely dresses, dashing gentleman and completely anonymous! What is more fun than that? A dance floor is great for this party theme but not necessary.  Serve lots of finger foods and drinks in goblets. A traditional unmasking at midnight can add to the fun.

Superhero Shindig- Ask everyone to dress as their favorite superheroes.  Have games for the heroes to use to compete and a costume contest. Give points for authenticity and creativity and most original.  

Haunted Literature- Creepy poems and even songs make for great Halloween party themes. Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “The Raven” is a popular example. For this poem use ravens on windowsills, stacks of books dusted in cobwebs and a chalkboard or two with lines to the poem hurriedly written on the board.

Period Party- Poodle skirts and leather jackets around the jukebox for the 50s. Bell bottom pants and disco balls for the 70s. Pick a time period and have a blast! Just don’t be surprised if any guests have very authentic costumes already in their closets. Serve foods common to the period and use décor to fit the theme.  Choose only music that was played during that time period.

Haunted Theater- Old movie posters, a big screen TV and popcorn makes a great low key Halloween party for a few friends. For a larger gathering, play the movies in various rooms and just have movie “props” from some of them as decorations.

Creature of the Night Hunt- Organize a vampire or werewolf hunt.  Create a scavenger hunt where guests find clues to help them find and destroy the creature. Divide guests into teams and award a prize to those who can find the knowledge needed to destroy the creature and the creature itself in time.

Dinner Theater- Dinner theater is always fun.  Just give it a spooky twist. Act as a team of explorers investigating a haunted house or a village under siege from some creature of the night.

Science Fiction Characters- Have guests dress to fit their favorite science fiction show or movie or pick a popular one and use it as a theme. This can be a very popular theme and guests can have a lot of fun bantering in character.

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