Halloween Party 2011 – Halloween Party Food, Drinks and Snacks

Themed and Theme Colored Finger Foods- If the period calls for wine and cheese, serve it! Orange slices, cheese puffs, cheese and baby carrots make great orange foods to arrange on party trays.  For black foods use black licorice, anything chocolate, and blackberries.  Use the same idea for any other colors that need to be incorporated.

Use Halloween Cookie Cutters- These aren’t just good for making Halloween cookies and desserts.  Use them to cut fun shapes in sandwiches, cheese slices and other foods.  White cheese slices can be used for ghosts and skulls, while orange cheese slices are used for things like pumpkins.  Tuna fish sandwich bats and peanut butter and jelly ghosts are delicious!

Make Some Spiders- There are so many ways to make spiders with food.

  • Make Cupcake Spiders- Ice cupcakes with chocolate icing. Use chocolate sprinkles to make them look “hairy”. Use black string licorice to create legs. Use red candy to make eyes.  

  • Make Cracker Spiders- Fill round crackers with peanut butter, cream cheese or another spread.  Use pretzels as legs.  Use dabs of the filling to hold raisins or candies to the top of the creation to create eyes. These are just starters for creating spiders.  Get creative.

Graveyard Pudding Cups- Use clear plastic cups and fill with chocolate pudding to make the dirt.  Gummy worms and bugs can be added as well as crumbled chocolate cake or crackers for texture.  Use a vanilla wafer or other cookie as the headstone.  Use decorating icing or edible gel to outline the grave and maybe have a hand or worms sticking out of the “ground”.

Add Critters to the Food- Add raisins to the punch to create “flies”.  Freeze gummy bugs in the ice cubes.  Place rubber rats and insects on the party trays.  The creepier the better!

Make a Punch- What Halloween party would be complete without a bowl of spooky punch? Creating a Halloween punch can be as simple as adding some critters to the bowl. Recipes for putrid looking concoctions can be easily found. Don’t worry, they taste much better than they look!

Halloween parties are so flexible.  There are so many themes and adaptations on ideas for all aspects of the party.  It can be fun and a little spooky or utterly frightening.  Have fun planning and get your guests in the spirit by requiring costumes. Have a spook-tacular affair!

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