Halloween Party 2011 – Fun and Unique Invitations

Halloween parties are some of the most fun of the year.  Finding creative ways to wow guests with the invitations and get them excited about the party is a big part of the fun.  

Do It Yourself Halloween Party Invitation Ideas

Easy Pumpkin/Jack O’ Lantern Invitations Making great pumpkin invitations is as easy as cutting pumpkins from orange card stock that were traced using a stencil.  Use a charcoal pencil to draw lines in the pumpkin or yellow card stock to create fun faces for the jack o’ lantern. Or create a pumpkin on the computer and print the invitations on the pumpkin colored card stock to be folded with the pumpkin picture located on the front of the card.  The computer printed pumpkin can also be cut. Some reindeer moss can be attached to the stem of the pumpkin for a realistic touch.

Message Scrolls/Message In a Bottle This is a simple to create invitation.  To make paper look “aged” dip the stock in some brewed tea and immediately remove.  Leave it on a paper towel to dry before writing the party details on the paper. Carefully singing the ages of the paper is also a nice touch. The invitations can then be rolled into scrolls and sealed with wax or tied with ribbon.  The message scrolls can be placed in cork bottles if the party’s theme allows for message in a bottle invitations.

Felt Fold Ups Here is an easy do it yourself Halloween party that is fun for children to help in creating. Start with folded yellow, orange green or even black card stock. Fold the card stock and write the party details inside the fold.  Use felt cutouts to create jack o’ lanterns, haunted houses, spider webs with spiders and any other creations that come to mine on the front of the invitations. Stick on felt shapes will make this an easy task, but cutting the felt shapes can be even more fun especially when creating jack o’ lanterns. Other card stock can be used instead of felt to keep the cost of the invitations down.

Written in Blood This is another invitation where “aged” paper will lend authenticity to these invitations.  Dipping the stock in brewed tea, immediately removing and leaving to dry on paper towels will help give paper an aged look. If desired, the edges of the paper can be carefully singed. A felt marker with a feathery tip that has dark red ink will create fairly convincing blood in which to write the invitations.  Be sure to add some blood splatter marks, but don’t go overboard. To add even more authenticity blood ink can be made. To create the fake blood, combine 2 parts corn syrup to 3 parts water and add red food coloring until the desired color is reached. Use a small paintbrush to write the party details with the fake blood.  Don’t forget a drop or two of splatter.

Treat Bag Invites Print the party details onto card stock and fasten the paper to luminary bags.  Throw in a few treats and hand deliver the invitations.  This is great for giving invitations to children’s classrooms.  The treats need not be candy.  Erasers, pencils, spider rings, stickers and other favor type goodies will do just as well. If cost isn’t an issue or there will only be a few guests, tote bags can be used.  Choose Halloween colored totes at the craft store and write the party details on the bags with fabric paint, decorative fabric glue or fabric markers. Add Halloween iron-ons or draw pumpkins or spiders on the bag with fabric paint or glue.

Pre-Printed Halloween Invitations

Not everyone has time to hand make every party invitation.  If the party will be particularly large it can, in fact, be impractical.  A Spooky Kids Invitation is a great invite to send to children to invite them to the party. To set a creepier mood for the party a Spooky Street Invitation will do the trick. Another fun invitation for guests of all ages is the Spooky Friends Invitation.

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