Guide to An Inexpensive and Simple Honeymoon

Less couples are taking honeymoons right after the wedding.  Some couples take trips around their one year anniversary instead and others are foregoing the traditional honeymoon altogether. Sometimes the reason is that taking extra time off from work is impossible.  Other times a lack of finances is the issue.  Whatever the reason, here are some simple ideas that won’t dent the bank account or use a lot of vacation days.

Take a Stay-Cation

A honeymoon does not have to mean traveling to an exotic location.  A week at home shacked up with no cell phones or computer can do the trick.  Use a glorious new set of sheets.  Get takeout and use paper plates.  Grab a few bottles of fine wine.  Go dancing. Staying at a local bed and breakfast or hotel can also be a fun option.  It can be easy to forget you are in your own backyard with someone else making the bed and doing the cleaning.  Hit some tourists sites, have a picnic or just do dinners and dancing just as you would on a more exotic honeymoon.

Make It a Weekend, or Two or Three or More

A popular option that is replacing the traditional honeymoon is a month or year of weekend getaways.  Couples will either go away every weekend for a month, or one weekend a month for a year.  This is a good way to get a lot of couple only time while distributing the cost some.  Trips to a bed and breakfast, day trips, trips to the shore or a camp site and even amusement parks make great honeymoon weekend ideas.  The point is some couples only have time to strengthen the couple’s new life together and their bond as man and wife.

Do Something Out of the Ordinary

Honeymoons do not have to be just white sand beaches and crystal clear water.  Camping trips, day trips to zoos and amusement parks and other non-traditional honeymoons are becoming increasingly popular. Some ideas:

Get the adrenaline running- Para-sailing, bungee jumping, rock climbing and parachuting are all exciting activities.  Doing these activities as a couple can be a blast and a great idea for day trips or honeymoon weekends.

Go camping, or fishing or hiking- Taking time for hobbies that are normally pushed aside can be a great way to spend time with a new spouse.

Take a retreat- Couples retreats based on things like exercise or spas can be a great weekend getaway that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Plan Ahead

Once the wedding date is set and the budget is decided start looking ahead for deals. Shopping ahead always saves money over last minute shopping.  This is especially true with travel plans.

The Pros and Cons of a Honeymoon Registry

Asking family and friends to contribute to a honeymoon registry is a great idea.  However, a couple should be prepared to fund the honeymoon themselves.  Not everyone will contribute to the registry as asked and the couple may not get contributions in the amounts they are expecting.  A honeymoon registry should be seen as a helping hand to add extras to the honeymoon not the only means of paying for it.  Plan on using funds from the honeymoon registry for extra special meal vouchers, spa days, tours and things like that.

Taking some sort of honeymoon can be possible for almost anyone. It is important to enjoy time as a newlywed couple to strengthen the new relationship. Things do indeed change once a couple is married. Take the time to make sure the changes are for the better.