Guest Books Come Unbound!

I adore how personal wedding decor has become.  Moving beyond matching bouquets to dresses, brides are actually staging their weddings with intimate details.  Why not greet guests right away with something that epitomizes your own personality?  The idea of replacing a traditional guest book with anything other than the traditional guest book has become wildly popular.

Some couples are still using guest books, but in new, creative ways.  Whether they’re hand-bound in vintage fabric or printed with customized messages per table, these guest books rate pretty high when judged by their covers!  We found the “Where do you see us in 25 years?” book over at Martha Stewart Weddings and love the idea of challenging guests to pen their predictions for a happy future!  What other questions might you ask?!

Postcards are an adventurous option, showcasing places you’ve been, where you grew up, or perhaps cities you hope to explore.  Finding creative ways to display these at the reception and home will be half the fun!

The equally retro trend of using typewriters to capture well wishes is huge.  Planning to feature one will give you a great excuse to scour the web for the most adorable vintage models!

It’s particularly great how brides are thinking far ahead, in terms of how their “guest book” will be treasured in years to come.  Having guests sign the backs of puzzle pieces (maybe your favorite engagement photo is on the other side!) will surely make all of the rainy days ahead much better when you have a game to play and can reflect on your big day!

Keeping with the game theme, is perhaps my favorite idea… mad libs!  Your guests will have a blast filling in the blanks and you’ll be entertained reading through them for years to come.

Okay, so I do love the mad libs plan, but I cannot get over the posters below.  I can’t decide which I prefer, but I do know exactly where one would go in my home!  I’ve seen a few variations of making “guest books” into works of art and hands (or, uh, fingers) down this will absolutely be how I choose to remember all of the lovely folks who celebrated with me!

How did you (or will you) get your guests to leave their mark?

Images: Postcards (, Typewriter (, Puzzle Pieces, Mad Libs, Leafy Tree Poster (, Bicycle and Balloons Poster


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