Guest Accommodations and Hotel Blocking

Many couples move away from home to begin their lives. However, we often seem to come home to have our weddings. For many of us, it’s our hometown where a lot of our guests will live and work. It is also typically a place filled with some of our favorite things, such as your favorite bakery growing up and or the church where your parents got married.

However, not all of your guests are likely to be from the same area. Naturally, you will have some people traveling to attend your wedding. And you will want all of your guests to feel welcome and provide them with as many of the comforts from home as you can.

When you know there will be a lot of guests coming from out of town, it is a great idea to look into reserving a block of hotel rooms.

It would be very courteous of you to go out of your way to do most of the leg work for your guests. After all they are taking the time out of their lives to travel to your wedding. So you want to make the experience as easy as you can for those kind enough to travel in order to take part in your day.

You will want to reserve a block of rooms with plenty of time prior to the big day. You do not want to wait too long to book the rooms and find out all of the nice local hotels are filled up do to other weddings and events. The point in reserving rooms ahead of time is to make it easy on your family and friends to find nice and budget friendly hotel options.

Most hotels offer a special rate for each room reserved under the block. Most will require that you block a minimum of 10 to 15 rooms. Many places will not allow you to block a smaller portion of rooms.

It is possible, however, if you are using that hotel’s banquet space or caterer that they may make an exception and allow you to block a smaller portion of rooms.
Most of the time we say that it’s a good idea to buy just a little bit more (think food, favors, or alcohol) but when it comes to blocking hotel rooms. Less is more.

Talk with the hotel manager about what will happen with unused rooms. You may be held financially accountable for any unused rooms this is called an attrition clause. If you have to sign a contract read over it carefully.

If you expect to have a lot of guests and or guests with varying family and budget sizes, to look into blocking out rooms in a couple of different hotels to allow for different accommodations and pricing.

In order to get a good idea of what hotels are offered in your area, ask friends and family then call around for the best rates and amenities. If this turns out to be a long exasperating process, you may have better luck looking online.

Don’t forget to include information regarding the booked hotels on your wedding website. Or on an enclosure card included with your invitations. If you’re guests don’t know that you have tried to make arrangements for them, then they cannot take advantage of them and the rooms will go to waste.

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