Graduation Party Time is Here

Spring has arrived and the graduation season is fast approaching.  From our preschoolers to our new doctors and lawyers, many of our children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and best friends are graduating soon.  If ever there was a cause to celebrate graduation, this is it! You or your loved one worked hard, so now it is time to party hard!

Showcase your little girl’s accomplishments in class – with class! This beautiful Pink Circle Graduation Invitation is perfect for older girls who are having a graduation party.  Are you a proud parent celebrating your toddler’s very first graduation? If so, the Grad Fun Invitation may be perfect for your little scholar.

If you really want to remember the event and plan on making a scrapbook, the Red Grad Graduation Invitation is perfect. The Home Run Invitation is perfect for your all star at any grade level. MyGatsby has invitations for your athlete no matter what sport they play. Baseball? HockeySoccer?  MyGatsby has them all!

Perhaps you are planning a barbeque in honor of your grad.  Set the mood with a BBQ invitation.  The LA Wildflowers Graduation Invitation will also get your guests in an outdoors kind of mood.

With MyGatsby the options for your graduation party invitations are endless! Let your imagination run wild and create the perfect invitations for your star graduate.

Make it unique.  Make it memorable. Make it MyGatsby.

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