Going Green with Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are symbolic and a huge part of your wedding ceremony and reception. Chances are they are also taking a nice chunk of your budget. When you think about the environmental impact of a wedding, flowers may not immediately come to mind. You probably think immediately about using paper that has been recycled and keeping the ceremony location close to the reception location to reduce the emissions from transporting your guests. The fact of the matter is that your floral arrangements, in most cases, have a huge environmental impact. Here are some ways to reduce that impact and still have wonderful looking flowers and décor options.

It may seem tedious but you can investigate the origin of our wedding flowers and see if they are grown with minimal pesticides in an environmentally friendly way. Using organic flowers is actually a more fragrant choice because normally roses are genetically engineered for the look and endurance of the blooms and lose a lot of their natural smell in the process. Some cut flowers even need to be treated with an artificial sent before they are distributed.

Getting your flowers locally will not only save you money, it will lower the environmental imprint of your wedding as well. In this case the green choice is the better choice for so many ways. Local flowers save you money in transportation and reduced transportation means reduced emissions. Also your money stays local and helps support local nurseries.

Using potted greens and flowers means they can be transplanted into your garden or gifted to guests for their gardens after the wedding. It is a green option that provides you and your guests with a lasting memento of your wedding.

You can use silk flowers or fans for your bridesmaids to cut the impact of your wedding flowers and often the price of your blooms. Lanterns and candles make for beautiful centerpieces. Look into alternatives to floral arrangements if no organic or local flowers are available.

Offsetting the impact of your wedding is also a popular way to go green on your wedding day. Many couples will donate to an environmental organization in lieu of favors, or request such donations in lieu of gifts. One couple paid for their wedding solely with the profits of recycling cans and other materials. They set up a website asking others to recycle as well and donate the profits. You may not be able to plan your dream wedding in a completely green fashion but you can offset the impact fairly easily.

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