Fun and Memorable Bridal Shower Games and Activities

The “Toilet Paper Bride” Game

Give each table a few rolls of toilet paper and tell them to choose a “bride” at their table.  Suggest they choose the smallest person available such as a child.  The table must then work as a team using the toilet paper, and only the toilet paper, to create a dress for their “bride”.  Then let the bride choose the prettiest dress and give that table a prize.

 Play “Guess the Candle Scent”

Remove the labels from six to ten candle jars and place them in wax or paper bags.  Number the bags and pass out sheets of paper that are numbered the same way.  Pass the candles around and have guests write down what scent they think each candle is.  The person with the most right wins a prize.  It isn’t easy but be prepared to have a tie breaker or give out multiple prizes.

 Have a “Maiden Name Word Scramble”

Write the bride’s maiden name (and soon to be married name if necessary) on a piece of paper and have a copy for each guest.  Give the guests 3 minutes to create as many words as they can out of the letters in the name or names on the paper.  If both of the bride’s last names are short you can add a word like “marry” or “bride” to help guests out.  Or you can play multiple times using wedding related words or words related to the theme of your wedding shower.  The person with the most words at the end of each three minute period wins a prize.

Get creative and really run with whatever theme you choose.  It is better to plan for too many activities than not enough and risk your guests being bored or leaving early.  Most of all just have fun!

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