Fall Wedding Flowers Guide

Over and over brides are simply told to get what is in season to save money on wedding flowers.  This leaves them with no idea of what flowers they will have agreed to use by the end of their first meeting with a florist until that meeting happens. Here is a very simple and basic guide to fall wedding flowers to arm fall brides with a head start when scheduling meetings with florists.

What Is In Season?

Flowers in season during Fall include:

Chrysanthemum- These flowers are readily available in white, yellow, orange, pink and a few other colors. They are round flowers and are available in a variety of sizes. Some chrysanthemums are fuller others are more flat and disc like.

Dahlia- Dahlias are available in many different colors. Most types of dahlias produce very full blooms.  They are available in bright colors like pinks and yellows as well as more muted colors.  Many breeds of dahlia have more than one color present in the bloom.

Marigold- Marigolds are widely available in yellow, orange and red. Many people will remember these as the seeds grown in cups in grade school and taken home for mother’s day. These flowers are very hearty and can be gorgeous. They do not do much for bouquets as they are small with short stems.  They are great for table arrangements and even as using the entire blooms as a substitute for rose petals on the aisle. The vibrant fall colors look wonderful.

Statice- Statice are purple flowers with many tiny blooms clustered together.  They are great in clusters for a natural look and also do well paired with other blooms.

Zinnia- Zinnias are available in some bright colors, predominantly red, orange and pink.  They are also round flowers available in a variety of sizes.  There are single toned zinnias as well as dual toned zinnias and even tri-colored zinnias are available.

Fall Foliage Shrubs that bloom in fall, ivy, dried leaves and all the other things that make you think fall is here can be cut and arranged into vases or baskets to be carried or displayed.  If someone has an extensive enough garden this can be done the morning of the wedding without the help of the florist.

Produce- Pumpkins, apples, acorns and other fall produce and the like make for great table arrangements and centerpieces.

Fall Colors

Play on the vibrant oranges, yellows and reds throughout the wedding.  Pair all these bright colors with one simple shade like lilac or khaki for bridesmaid dresses.  For a more uniform palate a chocolate brown can be used or even a cherry red. Use the color chosen throughout the wedding to provide a solid base for all the bright fall flowers and all their color variations.

Fall Display Methods

Fall flowers, foliage and produce can be displayed on pedestals, in baskets or bowls or in vases just like can be done with any season. How about having the bouquets wrapped in newspaper for a vintage look? Newspaper print tissue and wax paper is available or just leave a piece of newspaper laid flat for a few days to be sure the ink is dry.  Wrap the flowers in the paper like you would have seen done at a corner flower vendor and tie with twine.

Fall is not a season of tulips and lilies though they are still available and can make for gorgeous fall displays. Sticking with flowers that are in season locally will cut costs and the environmental impact of the wedding flowers, but it is obviously not the only option.  Fall is a beautiful season and is being chosen for more and more weddings.  Embracing the season fully by using fall flowers can be a gorgeous touch.

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