Fall 2011 Wedding Dress Trends

Some bridal gown styles will always stand the test of time.  Each season brings changes in trends and new styles into the spotlight.  This coming bridal season there are a few trends standing out.  Bridal trends tend to last until the next year’s season at the same time because dresses are often chosen a year in advance. Here are some of the top trends for this fall to help brides getting married next fall start shopping.

Feathers- Feathers are light as air and very stylish right now.  What started as an addition for bouquets and other arrangements has migrated to a dress adornment in a major way. Entire tiers and layers of dresses are being made with feathers.  A one strap dress with the strap made of feathers is making a big splash. So play with feather accents and consider feathers on the actual gown.

Swirls and Spirals- Layers of the dress placed in a swirl pattern or swirling embroidery on the bodice of the gown are great ways to play with this trend.  Swirls create movement and motion that add excitement and romance, especially when paired with ruffles.

Long Sleeves- The vintage look of long sleeves are back in a big way.  Lace sleeves are no longer the only option.  Looser fitting sleeves in bridal satin are a modern twist on the trend.

Straps and Strapless of All Sorts- Thick straps, thin straps and straps that start thin and thicken are all appearing on runways.  But so are strapless and one strap dresses.  One sleeve and two are also appearing.  This gives brides who want to be trendy lots of freedom in choosing the straps and sleeves, or lack thereof for their bridal gown.

Sleek Bows- Bows on straps, necklines and at the waist are trending.  The key is to have the bow actually be part of the dress and not stand out on its own.

Truly Blushing Bride- Bridal gowns with color accents have been making a splash for some time. Now bridal gowns that are completely pink are making the rounds on runways.  Many of them are a soft blush or rose pink invoking romance and soft lines.  However, brighter pinks like bubblegum and fuchsia are not off limits.

The Return of Tiaras- Thanks to the royal wedding, birdcage veils and fascinators are now sharing the spotlight with tiaras once again.  The shapes and sizes are varying allowing trendy brides plenty of freedom.

Butterflies- Flower accents are now sharing the stage with other accents such as butterflies. Whether a bride chooses a few butterfly accents or to cover an entire section of the dress, they add a gorgeous touch and represent the new life a bride is beginning in a beautiful way.

Silver Details- Silver embroidery and layers of silver chiffon are trending as well.  They add a nice muted touch of color for a fall wedding.  Add some shimmer and they work for winter as well.

Peplum Skirts and Other Methods for Accentuating the Waist- Creating the illusion of curvy hips and a narrow waist is the key.  Using bows, skirts, ruching and other methods are great ways to accent a bride’s natural assets.

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