Design Your Own Wedding Invitations Hassle-Free

It used to be that designing your own customized wedding invitations meant a lot of creativity, cramped wrists and how-to books on calligraphy. Add that to all the supplies you waste trying to get it right and the expensive tools you may never use again and it often didn’t seem to be worth the hassle! Those days are long gone! Now with American Wedding you can create your own unique and personal wedding invitations without all the hassle and without breaking your budget! So many options and styles are sure to please even the most discriminating of brides.

Add a Personal Touch with Ribbon

Ribbons are a great way to add flair, class and fun to your wedding invitations. Thick, thin, used as accents or to tie it all together they are the perfect invitation accompaniment. Get in on the trend with the fully customizable Vertical Folio Pocket invitations. The paper and ink color combinations are nearly endless so it is easy to have a trendy invitation that is all your own. Love the ribbon accent but crave a little more classic design? Jacket Wedding invitations are perfect for you and still incredibly easy to customize so they perfectly capture your special day.

Show your Creative Side with Layers

Layers are increasingly all the rage and a great way to be unique, not only in clothing choices but in your invitations as well! From the classic, 2 layer, Madison invitation and Amber invitation to the more detailed 3 layer Reagan invitations or Sophie invitations, layers are a wonderful way to show your creativity and showcase the theme or colors of your special day. American Wedding makes it even easier by offering assembly of your invites to give you one less thing to worry about!

Want it All? Use Both.

Love both ribbons and layers? Customize your own pocket fold invitations. Choose your own paper and ink colors, the type of pocket fold or envelopment, and from a la carte mix ad match enclosures to ensure the perfect invitation for your style and personality! It’s so easy to have the perfect invitation with just a few (or a few hundred!) points and clicks.

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