Creative Ways to Display Escort Cards

Escort cards will be effective as long as they are easy to read and presented in a manner that makes it easy for guests to find the card with their own name on it.  More and more brides are going beyond simple cards left on a table.  Here are some great creative ideas for letting your guests know where they are assigned to sit.

Don’t Stick to Just Cards

Little items can be decorated as place cards.  Items keeping with the general theme or the theme of love and marriage generally work.  Paint shells for a beach wedding.  Paint smooth stones for a garden luncheon theme. Write names on the bodies of little sailboats if the bride and groom like to sail. Baseball cards can be made with the couple’s pictures and vital statistics for a couple that are baseball fans.  The possibilities are really endless and only limited by the couple’s imagination.

The Clothesline Method

Place cards can be pinned with clothespins to a clothesline or folded cards can be draped over the line.  This works best with a few short lines instead of one long line reaching very far.

Folded Cards

If a couple is set on placing cards on a table to be traditional, folded place cards can give the table some dimension and still be traditional and elegant.  Try placing the cards on mini risers with each table or two placed on a different tier.

Spruce Up a Plain Card

Couples on a budget can do a lot to make plain escort cards really pop.  Punch a hole in the corner of the place cards and use some ribbon and charms to embellish them.  Use stick on gems to accent the couples monogram or floral accents on the place cards. Add a touch of glitter for some sparkle.  For a beach wedding, have the cards arranged on a table made like a sandbox.

Getting creative with place cards is an easy and inexpensive way to add a personal touch to any wedding or event.  There is no limit to the possibilities.  Browse pictures online for some ideas and adapt them to fit the bride and groom.

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