Confusing Table Numbers

More and more couples are putting in a lot of effort to set their wedding apart from the rest. And why not, it’s your wedding you want it to be a showcase of who you are as a couple and show the world your love for one another. With everything being personalized and custom tailored to your specific needs.

One of the most recent ways to add some extra personality to your reception is by naming your tables instead of numbering them. Many couples today choose to name their tables after fond memories. Think “Eagles Theater” (where you went on your first date) or Café du Cirque (your favorite restaurant).

Maybe you don’t want to list the name of the place but display a picture of it. Think a photo card with an image of the street sign depicting the street you grew up on.

It may prove difficult to run around searching for the little green Elmwood sign.

This idea is very charming and gives your guests a sense of your taste, style and who you are as a couple. However, it can tend to be bit confusing and even a possible annoyance for your guests if you don’t pay a little extra attention to details.

We would never say this is a bad choice for any couple we just merely suggest that you number your tables as well.

For example: Write at the top of the table card: “Eagles Theater” below in a smaller font, Table No.1.

Just naming the tables and having them scattered about will cause your guests to be hunting around the room well into cocktail hour!

You will want to have charts set up in more than one place. Have a couple of charts set up in the room, one at the door and another off to the left or the right opposite the entry way.

If you go the route of having photo table cards, consider making your chart with photos also. Display a mini version of the card on your chart along with the table number. That way Aunt Sally can check at the chart, she sits at number 3 Eiffel Tower so when she spots a picture of the Eiffel Tower from across the room she knows she has found her seat.

On the charts, make sure that it lists the name with the number. Also, it’s a terrific idea to include a diagram of the tables in the room if possible this will definitely ease navigation.

Trends come and go and if this one is for you we say go for it! Just always be sure to plan everything out and clearly. The last thing you want is for your guests to be too worn out from searching for their seat to dance!

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