Common Splurges it is Okay to Avoid

Even budget minded people will advise that there are a few things that brides should purchase and pay for as splurges. Weddings are often times a once in a lifetime event so splurging a bit on what is most important to the bride and groom is perfectly acceptable.  Here are some things many brides and grooms pay for as splurges that aren’t as important as they may sound, and why you can avoid them!

An aisle runner, monogrammed or otherwise – Aisle runners were used back when guests would track mud into the ceremony location.  This helped the bride protect her dress and feet. They are an outdated tradition.  When improperly secured, aisle runners can be a tripping hazard.  Brides have enough to worry about especially when it comes to tripping hazards in a formal dress and heels. These runners also get mussed by the procession and if no one fixes them it can be an eyesore in the wedding photographs.

Expensive and adorable bridal shoes – If the bride’s dress is at least floor length, no one will see her shoes (except for a few minutes for the garter toss.  Cheap knockoffs and shoes from a discount store will do the job just as well as pricier options.  Some brides are even opting for flip flops or even bridal sneakers.  Of course if the bride is wearing a cocktail dress she may opt for something a little fancier.

Engraved invitations – Wedding invitations can look absolutely beautiful without paying for engraving with all of today’s technology. Thermography gives wedding invitations a beautiful look without the hefty price tag.  Embossing is another technique that gives the letters on wedding invitations that raised feel without the cost of engraving.  Even basic digital printing can be done using a beautiful font that gives invitations the look and feel of wedding invitations that were painstakingly written in calligraphy by hand. Many guests trash the invitation after the wedding and sometimes they dispose of it right after sending back the response card, if they even send it back!  Why spend a fortune on wedding invitations when you will be one of the only people saving a sample and you can get beautiful and classic wedding invitations without breaking the bank?

Formal engagement photographs – If the bride and groom wish to announce their engagement in the local paper, a photograph taken by a relative or friend will do just as well as professional photographs.  Department stores often distribute coupons for cheap photo packages to get people in the door.  Use one if these can get you an engagement photography session for less than $10.00 with the option to buy more photographs. If you aren’t buying a large package including the proofs CD don’t buy extra sheets from the sales person on the day of the photographs.  If the store has online purchasing available you can usually buy prints for half the price which also gives you the fun of doing your own edits.

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