Color Your Wedding Pink – Color Combinations

Pink goes with many different colors in all of its shades. It is all about finding the combination and shades that you absolutely love for your wedding day. Other great pink pairings include:

  • Pink and orange (or peach) – looks great used on everything from floral arrangements to your table settings.  This unlikely pairing is worth considering by bold brides and traditional romantic brides alike.
  • Pink and purple – the ultimate girly pairing- all “grown up”! Recent trends have seen this pairing done on such extreme scales.  From one extreme where the entire reception is shades of pink and purple, including the lighting, to simple pink and purple floral arrangements and accents on a sea of white or yellow for a gorgeous spring affair.  Grab some swatches and start dreaming!
  • Pink and blue – the “boy meets girl” pairing. Soft pink paired with a navy or royal blue suits this wedding color combination best.  As with all pink color combinations, the shades you use are really flexible and the choices are endless.  Try this combination with jeweled tones as well.
  • Pink and brown – a deep muted pink and chocolate brown combination is popping up everywhere in the wedding world.  It is classy and bold without straying too far from traditional wedding looks. Use this color scheme everywhere from your wedding invitations to your wedding cake and dessert table.
  • Pink and yellow – This is such an easy wedding color combination to get right! Almost any shade of pink will look wonderful with almost any shade of yellow! Grab some samples or swatches of color and see how different shade combinations make you feel.  It is a great way to find the combination that works for you.  Go with the shades that have you picturing that breathtaking, time stopping first dance.
  • Pink and white – Soft pink is the choice for a romantic and elegant feel, while brighter bolder pinks are still elegant with a little more of a pop. The most traditional of the pink pairings, today’s brides often throw a third color in the mix.
  • Pink and red – This color scheme may instantly make you think Valentine’s Day.  That is a day dedicated to romance and love so if that is what you want to achieve great! There are ways to plan a valentine’s wedding or just a red and pink wedding without going to the extremes. Use a background color like white or gold as your canvas and add lots of pink and red touches. Search online for photos of what brides before you have done for inspiration.
  • Pink and black – Pink and black is another classic pairing.  Pink flowers against the groom’s black suit and pink tablecloths with black adornments look stunning.

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