Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas for many is a very spiritual experience especially for adults. However, with all the money we spend at Christmas time it can be easy for us to lose the magic of Christmas as adults. Children revel in the idea of Santa Clause and presents without worrying about the credit cards later. It may be impossible to give adults back that gleeful spirit but a well-planned Christmas party can bring a lot of joy back into the season.

Grown-Up Pollyanna Ideas- There are a few ways to do grown-up pollyanna gift exchanges. If all the attendees will know each other, then names can be drawn and a traditional gift exchange can be done. Everyone also can be just asked to bring generic gifts or gifts of a certain theme. Men can be asked to bring gifts for men and women for women. Be sure to set a price range on gifts.

Wearing Our Sunday Best- As we get older, get married and have children we tend to lose reasons to dress up. Our best clothes get pushed to the back of the closet or donated to charity. Make a Christmas party a formal affair and break out the gowns and suits.

Drinking From the Crystal- Even if everyone doesn’t have formal attire, a party can still be given a formal feel. Break out champagne glasses, fancy party ware and serve little finger foods to give the party a posh feeling. Even disposable plates can be bought in clear plastic varieties that look almost like glass.

Here We Go a Caroling- Get a group together to go Christmas caroling and put a smile on people’s faces. Any donations received can go to a charity or getting everyone some hot chocolate. Caroling doesn’t just have to be for kids! Have a prearranged place or home for coffee and hot chocolate after caroling.

Take the Party to Those Who Need It- Take the caroling, or anything else, to others. Get a group together to volunteer time at a home for the elderly or homeless shelter. Hospitals with long term and terminal care facilities are also a good choice.

Get into the spirit of Christmas this year and remember it is not just about the hustle and bustle!

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