Choosing Wedding Day Foundation

A major decision regarding your wedding day look is the foundation you choose for your face. You may debate with yourself back and forth as to whether or not you would like to use the foundation you typically use for everyday wear or if you want to purchase a new more expensive foundation altogether.

Consider visiting the cosmetics counter at your favorite department store. The professionals there can help you make the best decisions based on your skin tone and type. Matching your skin tone is often the hardest part of selecting your foundation. Your best option is to apply the foundation to the jaw-line and then, either using a bright make up lamp or stepping outside study the area where the make up was applied with a compact. Check for streaks and lines. If you can see the make-up at all, skip to a lighter shade. If it’s difficult for you to see then, you’ve found the right hue for you. It is always important to test drive your foundation color. Especially if you are purchasing a brand that you have never worn before. What one company calls beige may be three shades darker than what another company says is beige. Remember the most important make up rule you ever learned was probably when you were a teenager, and that is make-up should be worn and not seen.  So make your selection very carefully, you want to look like yourself on your wedding day. The point of make-up is to enhance your natural beauty not make you up to look like someone else. Another huge perk to the cosmetics counter is that you are able to try out several different types of make up prior to making a purchase.

If your skin tends to be an in-between shade we recommend either purchasing both and custom blending before each application, or buying the warmer shade. A little bit will go a long way if you are able to use the right tools to blend properly. Always use a clean sponge before each application. Round sponges claim to give you the best overall coverage, while having a few triangle ones handy can help get into curved areas like around the nose.

Look out for foundations that claim to contain things like “light reflecting properties” You may look stunning at the wedding and reception but your photos will have you appearing pale and washed out. Along with items that contain ingredients such as talc. Foundations that contain a green or yellow base will work best to cover up problem areas for skin that is prone to blemishes.

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