Choosing a Wedding Style – The Romantic Wedding

Long before a wedding theme is chosen and the wedding invitations are printed and addressed, a couple will usually choose a wedding style.  The style of the wedding will usually reflect the personalities and preferences of the couple that is getting married.  The wedding style is present in all details of the wedding from wedding invitations to the type of wedding reception a couple has. These are the descriptions of a few of the more popular wedding styles and some of the elements included in each style of wedding that will be addressed over the next several days.

The Romantic Wedding

The romantic wedding is highlighted by soft details and small touches. A wedding is always romantic in some form so the idea of a romantic wedding will be drastically different from couple to couple.  The key to designing a romantic wedding is for the couple to find images that inspire romance to them.   For some couples the moon reflecting on the lake may be an image that conjures romance.  For other couples whimsical fairytales may embody their romance. Listening to the sounds of the forest and watching fireflies may be romance at its finest for some couples.

The Wedding Invitations and Stationery – A classic wedding invitation in colors like ecru with black ink speaks romance to many people. Other engaged couples may choose an invitation with a scene that pulls at the heartstrings like a watercolor wedding invitation.  The couple using fairytales as inspiration may choose a wedding invitation that represents that like the truly romantic embossed wedding invitations. Romantic wedding invitations are the first step to setting the stage for a romantic wedding.

The Arrangement, Elements and Location – Outdoor wedding venues are very popular for couples looking for a romantic wedding setting.  Botanical gardens, waterside parks and vineyards are just a few great outdoor locations for an outdoor romantic wedding.  A white tent lit with soft lighting against the star lit sky conjures ideas of romance for many people. Candles are often an integral element in a romantic wedding.  The soft, flattering light and the moods they inspire are perfect.  Candles have great flexibility.  Mirrored holders and platforms will reflect the candle light adding to the romance of the room. Light fabrics like tulle and organza are used as décor and draped on pillars, chairs and tables to add romance to the wedding venue. A family style meal is perfect for romantic weddings.  Seat guests at long tables with low centerpieces to encourage conversation.  Serve fare from countries like Morocco, Tuscany and Brazil to add to the ambiance. Memorial candles and flower arrangements are common for a romantically styled wedding. Romantic weddings add floral touches everywhere.  Sprigs of lavender in the napkin rings, a rose at every place setting, and rose petals sprinkled on the cake and gift tables are just the start.

The Attire – A romantic bride may wear a ballgown to feel like a princess.  Lace will often adorn the bride’s dress.  A winter wedding or a more formal wedding may have the bride in a cape and fur. A white dinner jacket with one simple flower on the breast of the groom will add to the romantic feel of the evening.

The Favors and Gifts – The favors for a romantic wedding are often made lovingly by hand.  Cds with the couple’s favorite romantic songs, flower bulbs tied in favor boxes with ribbon and planting and care instructions are also a nice romantic gesture. Homemade cookies and almost anything chocolate will also work. For the bridesmaids, a nice gift would be a year of flowers with flowers being delivered every month for a year. Both the bridesmaids and groomsman may enjoy a weekend getaway at a bed and breakfast, compliments of the newlyweds.

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