Choosing a Wedding Style – The Preppy Wedding

The preppy couple is fun and professional and a little bit of everything.  Classy details mixed with bold patterns define this couples wedding.

The Wedding Invitations and Stationery Preppy couples may choose invitations with ribbon wraps and sharply contrasting colors like navy blue and white. Clean lines are also popular on the invitations for preppy couples. Flourished double heart invitations are perfect for combining these elements.  Crisp, clean and classy are the words that come to mind when describing the perfect wedding invitations for a preppy couple.

The Arrangement, Elements and Location – Outdoors, at a country club or in a museum is ideal.  Bold stripes and patterns and nautical themes pair well with preppy weddings.

The Attire – A tea length gown and garden flowers with a sash is perfect for the preppy bride.  The groom may opt for a linen suit instead of a tuxedo.  The bridesmaids may wear a rainbow of colors rather than just one.  Casual but classy rules the day.

The Favors and Gifts Personalized wine glasses and flutes are great favors for the preppy couples wedding.  Tote bags full of goodies may be given to the attendants.

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