Choosing a Wedding Style – The Outdoor or Beach Wedding

Outdoor weddings are cheery and fun.  Nature is so naturally beautiful and décor will be chosen to accent the natural beauty of the venue.

The Wedding Invitations and Stationery Beach and outdoor wedding invitations have a wide range.  They can be fun and romantic, formal or nostalgic. Many beach invitations will have nautical details and themes. Wedding invitations with a striped design are also popular choices for many outdoor weddings.

The Arrangement, Elements and Location – Branch centerpieces, shell place markers and vases filled with pebbles, shells and floating candles may be used, adding more aspects of nature that tie well with the areas natural beauty.

The Attire – The attire will be weather appropriate.  Most outdoor weddings will be held in warmer weather so cooler breathable materials and shorter dresses are normal.

The Favors and Gifts Personalized fans and umbrellas are nice favors for an outdoor wedding. Personalized vases are nice touches as well, as they allow your guests and attendants to bring a bit of the outdoors indoors.

No matter what the style of the wedding, it can be adapted to fit the individual bride and groom.  The most important theme of a wedding is the couple’s love and friendship.

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