Choosing a Wedding Style – The Homespun Wedding

Do it yourself is a trend that will never and should never go away.  Some couples have homespun weddings to save money and be economically conscious and others do it for a comfortable feel that is uniquely them. Homespun weddings allow for lots of creativity and personalization. From quirky themes that are unique to the couple, to handmade accessories and jewelry, to special and unique favors and décor, the homespun wedding is everything the couple wants it to be.

The Wedding Invitations and Stationery A couple looking for that extra personal touch may try making their wedding invitations themselves.  This can be time consuming so there are other options to add personalization to your wedding invitations and stationery. One option is photo wedding invitations. Wedding invitations with details like ribbons also have a very personal touch.  Layered and Folio invitations will also have that personally assembled look. You can order these in pieces and assemble them yourself or have the company assemble them for you. Either way you get a homespun look sure to impress your wedding guests.

The Arrangement, Elements and Location – Homespun weddings can be held in family gardens, at the church hall or at the community center.  The venue is often decorated by friends of the couple or the couple themselves.  They can either be catered, potluck or cold cut and salad receptions.  Backyard BBQ s are also a fun idea for the homespun wedding reception.  Unique centerpieces may often vary from table to table.

The Attire –
Homespun brides may buy a plain dress and have a family member make it pop or use a family member’s dress with alterations.  Bouquets may be picked from a friend’s garden or made by the bride or her mom. Quirky bouquets of buttons and feathers are also popular.  Lapel pins made from vintage toys and buttons are also nice touches.

The Favors and Gifts – Handmade, handmade and more handmade! Practical also wins the day at a homespun wedding.  CDs, coffee mugs that are hand painted and flip flops for dancing are popular favor choices for these couples.

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