Choosing a Wedding Style – The Green Wedding

It is important to be eco conscious and more and more people are realizing it.  So it looks like green weddings are here to stay.  From recyclable everything to favors that enrich the environment to a commitment to offsetting the environmental impact of the wedding, more and more couples are adding at least a few “green” elements to their wedding plans.

The Wedding Invitations and Stationery The eco conscious couple will use minimal paper for their invitations and encourage guests to recycle them of course! Wedding invitations for a green wedding will often feature flowers like the flora wedding invitations. Nature scenes will also be used by these couples as with the buck and doe wedding invitations. Some extremely green couples may forego the normal wedding invitations for most guests and use emails or other electronic invitations, only sending paper invitations to their less technology minded guests.

The Arrangement, Elements and Location – An eco friendly wedding was made to be held outdoors. The ceremony and reception will often be held at the same location to save on emissions.  The bride and groom will transport the wedding party in a carpool or party bus to save on emissions if the locations must be separate. Serving supplies and décor may be made from recycled or re-purposed materials, and recycled and re-purposed again after the wedding.  Vases and candle holders made from old wine bottles are a popular green wedding trend.

The Attire –The green bride will get her dress from a consignment shop and donate it back after the wedding. Tea length dresses and white sundresses or party dresses are also popular for use by the eco conscious bride. Bridesmaids may wear party dresses they can use again and again or also get their dresses from a consignment shop.

The Favors and Gifts – Seed paper, seedlings and other plant favors are popular for green weddings.  Donations to environmental organizations may also be made in lieu of favors to help offset the environmental impact of the wedding.  Eco minded couples may also request such donations in lieu of wedding gifts be made by their guests.

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