Bridal Beauty Issues: The Tricks Brides Use to Avoid and Deal With Them! – Part 2

Possible beauty emergency: Pale as a ghost! Go ahead and laugh but this is a huge concern for many brides. Some people just can tan safely and naturally. With all the information about skin cancer and premature aging, other people just don’t want to try to get color using natural tanning or tanning beds. Still others really don’t have the time.

Possible solution(s): If you aren’t averse to tanning beds, this may be your best bet for an easy and even tan. Be sure to ask the attendant what lotions and aids would be best for your skin type. Don’t be alarmed if you are wary of tanning beds or just don’t have the time or money, however.

A quick check in your drug or beauty store’s lotion aisle will give you plenty of options. There are the good old spray tans. The best tip for these is start gradually a few weeks in advance. You want to make sure the spray tan you have chosen works for you. It is best to have someone else apply the spray tan because the best results are obtained by keeping the sprayer at a consistent distance from your skin and spraying all areas evenly. Don’t use the spray tan on the day of your wedding. Sweat, rain and other factors can cause it to rub onto your dress and discolor it.

Another fairly new option is lotions that give you a gradual color change. You apply the lotion all over every day and it gradually adds color to your skin. It is also good to enlist help from your future spouse or a friend here to get hard to reach places like your back. Start this a few weeks before your wedding as well. Reduce the frequency of your applications when you reach your desired color. Do your last application a day before the wedding. Another reason to try all of these methods in advance is some of them have been known to cause breakouts for some people. Giving yourself some time for trial and error before the wedding will allow you to try a few different options and see what works best for you.

Possible beauty emergency: Sunburn! You have reached the day before the wedding and you are in the home stretch so you go out for a day of shopping and fun with your girls before the reception dinner. But in your excitement you forgot to use sunblock. And it is July. Who would have known that walk form the department store to the cafe would turn you red as a lobster?

Possible solution(s): If the sunburn occurred the day before there may be little you can do to fade it. If you have a few days use creams for fading, cool compresses, or green tea bags steeped in cold water to eliminate some of the redness. Your best bet for makeup is to use an airbrush artist to hide sunburn. Some bronzer to even things out may also be a good idea.

For do it yourself makeup, use hypoallergenic all natural makeup if you can. Your skin has undergone a huge trauma and is more sensitive than you might think. Start with a loose powder, mineral foundation and blend. Be sure to enlist some help and get your bridesmaids to look at you from all angles to be sure you have blended well. Resist the urge to pile more and more makeup on your face to try and hide the sunburn. If basic applications can’t do it your best bet is to try to even things out as best you can.

Try to be prepared for things that can occur and do your best not to panic when and if they happen! Photos can be edited and as long as you end up married at the end of the day, your wedding day was a success.

For more potential beauty disasters, look back to our previous post, Bridal Beauty Issues: The Tricks Brides Use to Avoid and Deal With Them! – Part 1.

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