Bridal Beauty Issues: The Tricks Brides Use to Avoid and Deal With Them! – Part 1

We all have beauty problems from time to time. It is the law of the universe that at least one will occur at the worst possible time! What worse time to have a beauty snafu then right before your wedding or worse yet, on your wedding day? Don’t panic and decide to wear your veil all day! Here are some beauty snafus that real brides have fought and how they won the battle.

Possible beauty emergency: Your lipstick won’t stay put! From your first kiss to greeting lots of relatives and friends to toasting your love and happiness repeatedly all day, your lips will really take a beating. Smears and transferring will both be problems. Your husband to be probably doesn’t want ruby red lips and that perfect lip gloss probably isn’t as perfect on him.

Possible solution(s): Lip stain! Lip stain will resist smearing and some are even advertised to be “kiss proof”. At the very least a lip stain can provide a solid foundation all day. You can jazz it up with a muted gloss for the daytime and switch to a brighter, shinier gloss in the evening. The gloss may not be smooch proof though so if transfer is your concern you may want to stick with just the stain and a clear gloss.

Possible beauty emergency: Last minute breakout! They happen to the best of us. Whether you notice the bump a few days before the big day or just wake up to a full blown volcanic eruption on the morning of your wedding, it can be easy to stress and freak!

The good thing about so many people having been plagued by this is that people get creative in a pinch and they have discovered a wide array of solutions for this problem. If you get any breakout before the big day from all the stress and stress soothing chocolate, try a few out so you feel better knowing you have a solution that works for you. This way you can avoid getting all excited if it does happen to you on the day of your wedding.

Possible solution(s): You can try to prevent breakouts with a healthy diet and by drinking plenty of water. Always remove any makeup from your face before you go to bed in the evening. Despite your best efforts and a good skin care regimen, breakouts still happen.
If you have a few days before the wedding just keep your face clean and use clean hands and a clean towel to wash and dry your face. Then apply a benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid topical cream to the problem spot. Chances are if you are worried about a zit appearing, it isn’t a few days before the wedding, it is the morning of the wedding. There are lots of concealers made for hiding pimples and many of them are medicated so it may be your best bet to have one on hand in your skin tone.

Chances are picking and popping will make it worse so unless it is about to burst on its own, it may be best to hide it as is. If you already burst it before happening upon this article try ice! Ice will take down inflammation and hopefully get rid of some of the redness making it easier for you to conceal the problem spot. If you happen to have an esthetician on hand for emergency calls, they can also do quite a bit for an emergency breakout. You may want to talk to them about it beforehand, as they may not appreciate an 8:00 A.M. call on the weekend about fixing your pimple.

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