Being a Considerate Wedding Host – Part 2

Think comfort. Mentally walk yourself through every aspect of your ceremony and reception as if you were a guest. Is their adequate seating for everyone during the cocktail hour? Have you provided a chance for out of town guests who don’t know anyone else in attendance to “break the ice”? Have you provided adequate menu choices and provided for the comfort of all your guests? It is your wedding and that makes you the host. You have asked your wedding guests to share in your special day so it is your responsibility to try to make them comfortable.

Forget the cash bar. Cash bars are a great way to save money and still provide alcohol. There are still so many waves to save money and not appear tacky. Consider a beer wine and soda bar instead of an open bar. You can also include one or two signature drinks. Try providing each guest with two or three drink tickets and provided unlimited soft drinks. Two or three drinks is enough for a sociable few hours without breaking your budget.

Speaking of Drinking… If you will be having an open bar get all the important events done early before everyone has been drinking. Speeches and the like will go much more smoothly if the best man has had one drink and not half a dozen drinks. If there is someone on your guest list who you know will not handle their alcohol well be sure to discuss it with your bartender and event staff in advance. Have a close friend or family member keep an eye on them. It is better to limit one person’s drinking then to let them embarrass themselves or ruin a crucial part of the evening. If someone does get drunk and start acting out of hand, have someone prepared to escort them to a cab. Handle this the same as you should handle all stressful situations that occur on your wedding day. Be graceful and gracious and find the humor. Laugh at it and take it in stride, deal with it and move past it.

Consider the spouses. If a member of your wedding party has brought a date allow them to be seated with their date. It can be very awkward to have your spouse seated with the wedding party and be stranded across the room. If your bridesmaids date doesn’t know anyone else this can be even more awkward. Consider having sweetheart table for just you and your new spouse. Another alternative is having a long tea table for your bridal party and their dates.

About half of your wedding budget will go towards expenses related to your guests. It is important to be a good host or hostess and make sure it is money well spent.

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