Being a Considerate Wedding Host – Part 1

Being a considerate wedding host- how to make sure guests talk about your wedding all year in a good way

Some parties really make an impression. Weddings are usually that kind of party. The question is will guests be raving or ranting when discussing your wedding reception. It is very important to consider your guests when making decisions about your wedding and reception, particularly decisions regarding scheduling. Here are some common mistakes and winning moves to keep your guests happy.

Be considerate with your receiving line. If you are having a large wedding receiving lines can seem endless. If you think it takes forever imagine how the guests at the end of the line feel. Consider making table visits at the reception instead. If you are having a lot of friends who don’t know each other at the wedding keep the number of people in the receiving line short. Most of your guests will want to congratulate the happy couple and their parents, not many will want to make small talk with all six of your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Timing is everything. Many weddings are held on Fridays and Saturdays. In these cases most guests won’t have work the next day. If your wedding is held on a Sunday you want to end the evening early so your guests can get home and ready for work. Consider a brunch reception instead of dinner. On your wedding day many guests won’t have time to eat early in the day. Your reception will very likely be their first substantial meal of the day. Don’t keep your guests waiting. If you are taking after ceremony pictures, have your caterer serve cocktails and appetizers to keep your guests happy until you arrive. Plan t have your DJ or band play at this cocktail hour as well. Your DJ can easily announce you when you arrive so you can still make a grand entrance. Don’t eave ours between your ceremony and reception, especially if you are having a number of guests from out of town. You shouldn’t expect your guests to entertain themselves for hours on end while the wait for your reception to begin. This is especially true if you expect your guests to remain in formal attire or if they have small children.

Be prepared. Have your venues decorated before your guests arrive. Decorating the church while your guests are present looks tacky and disorganized. Keep the bride out of site until she walks down the aisle to help preserve that oooh and aaah moment. If your venue is outdoors be prepared for all turns in weather. Have umbrellas and tents for rain and have shade and cool drinks available for extreme heat.

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