An Elegant Take on a Casual Theme, How to Do a Beach Themed Wedding in Style – Invites & Centerpieces

Celebrating with the sun and sand as your theme has long been an option.  If beach umbrellas and leis aren’t exactly your style yet you still want a summery feel, here are some ways to get that summer’s day vibe while still staying super classy and maybe even formal.

It all starts with the invitation. Beach balls and sea shells are absolutely adorable but consider a wedding invitation that includes pictures of sand castles or scene at the ocean front.  They are beautiful and romantic without being too casual.  Your wedding invitation sets the stage and lets people know what you are going for with your wedding.  If you want a more formal wedding make sure the invite is worded formally as well.  And remember to follow all rules of etiquette when sending your invitations.

Next you want to pick a color scheme. Beach themes come in all colors of the rainbow for weddings.  From bright sunny yellows to multicolored leis.  Try sticking with white as a base for a classy change and using the colors you like best to accent.  Almost any color can be worked into a beach theme for your wedding.  Sunny yellow napkins, tan place settings or maybe some brilliant colorful bouquets as centerpieces are all subtle, elegant ways you can use color to accent your theme.

Your favors and centerpieces will do a great deal to accent your theme for your guests. Little umbrellas for your drinks may not be your style so try little personalized bottles filled with sand and seashells or seashell place card holders.  Seashells are a great way to incorporate the beach theme without going over the top so keep them in mind as you plan the details of your wedding and wedding reception.  Etched glass coasters with a starfish, seashell or sand castle also make great wedding favors.  Try to stick with a main symbol from invitation to reception.  Feel free to use a combination but have one stand out.

Sand castle centerpieces are widely available. Many are handcrafted with real sand and present an elegant option for beach themed receptions.  They can also add a prince and princess feel to your summer wedding.  Sand can be used in various ways to accent your decor.  Avoid staying with all one color as it may look bland.  Choose pretty bowls and vases to fill with bright white sand and mix the top layer with tiny seashells and maybe an alternate color.  Or choose a bright white votive and set it in a dish of sand with a starfish affixed to the side and tiny shells in your color of choosing around the base.

Even when trying to be elegant, beach themed weddings can be a lot of fun to plan.  They are a great place to let your crafty side shine through.

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