An Elegant Take on a Casual Theme, How to Do a Beach Themed Wedding in Style – Choosing the Attire for the Bridal Party & Ceremony Accents

Typically a wedding on a beach would require a light, airy dress with no real train and preferably tea length or shorter.  If your wedding is beach themed but not on a beach you have a few more elegant options for your attire. 

Light and airy is still your best option but you now have the option of a train.  A train adorned with sunny yellow flowers or pearls and even tiny seashells can be a beautiful choice for your summer wedding dress.  Be careful not to have too many seashells too close together or have them be too large.  You want to be wearing a wedding dress not the beach itself.  Your jewelry is a great way to work in the beach theme as well.  Once again pearls are a wonderful option and are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors.  Get creative with the settings and feel free to incorporate the beach theme into those as well.  Floating jewelry where the chain appears to be nonexistent is also a wonderful option.

Your wedding bouquet should be light and sunny.  Summer flowers in yellows and whites are a great choice.  Consider having some stems tied together with a wide ribbon wound around them in lieu of the traditional large bouquet.  Large bouquets can be done in whites and greens with a bit of yellow seeming to cascade out of your hands.  Get creative and talk to your florist.  Look through magazines and websites and come armed with pictures of bouquets that make you feel the way you want yours to feel.

The bridesmaids of course have all the same options for jewelry and color injections.  Their dresses should also be light and more than likely tea length or shorter.  Choose hair accessories that accent your theme and consider having their bouquets use a paper fan as an anchor.  It gives a wonderful summer infused vibe without being too casual. 

It is a little harder to work the beach theme into the attire of the groom and his groomsmen.  After all you probably don’t want them in Hawaiian shirts and sandals.  Consider light colored suits such as white and choose suits made of light linen.  Choosing a lily or some other exotic looking flower to adorn their breasts is also a good option. 

Consider having the bride and groom pour sand from individual containers into a personalized larger one.  The sand not being able to be separated again symbolizes how they, too, cannot be separated.  Print your programs on paper with a beach scene lightly visible in the background.  A sunrise is a great option that inspires romance and symbolizes new beginnings.  Or try tying a piece of ribbon with little pearl or seashell beads onto the programs. 

Try including a parasol in your pre-wedding photos.  It is a very classy way to incorporate that beach wedding look.

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