Monthly Archives: July 2011

Inspiration: Having a Food Themed Wedding

For the foodie couple, you may think how can we use our love for all things delicious as a theme in our wedding?   There are a few different ways to do so, some more subtle than others.   At the wedding ceremony you may decide to utilize strong smelling herbs in your bouquets. There
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Save the Date: Wedding Stationery Basics – Save the Dates

What they are – Save the dates help guests form their first ideas about your wedding.  They may give a hint as to the level (or lack of) formality.  They also do just what the name implies; help your guests save the date!  If you are doing a destination wedding or your guests are from
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Wedding Colors: Wedding Trends for Summer 2011

Summer weddings have always been the most popular choice for brides.  The top wedding venue choices are booked a full year in advance and retailers in the bridal business put their best foot forward knowing next year’s summer brides are shopping now. The wedding trends for this year and next will not only be influenced
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