Monthly Archives: June 2011

Planning: Old Wedding Poem – Part 1

An old English rhyme has been guiding brides for years past and will guide them for years to come. Wedding traditions and superstitions have come and gone and come back again. This one seems to be here to stay and has recently gained in popularity again. If you aren’t familiar with the poem it suggests
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Planning: Overcoming Wedding Stress – Part 3

My boss/coworker(s) think they are invited. It is good form to invite your boss if you will continue working at the same place after you are married but many of us don’t want to mix business and pleasure. No matter how well you get along with your coworkers, space, money and your wishes may not
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Planning: Overcoming Wedding Stress – Part 2

My maid of honor/ best man/ bridesmaid/ groomsman dropped out of my wedding at the last minute. Bridal party changes happen at the last minute more and more these days. From family feuds to last minute financial strain there is a myriad of reasons for the changes. Some simple rules for dealing with these changes
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