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Planning: Tips for Groom – Part 3

Give him the wheel- let your groom choose the wedding day transportation and put him I charge of booking it. Make sure he covers transportation for the entire wedding party to and from all events on your wedding day Trust his fashion sense- The two of you should discuss limitations of course but give him
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Planning: Tips for Groom – Part 2

Release his inner Shakespeare – A groom with a creative, romantic side may excel at writing your vows. If you are using traditional vows he may lie to choose the readings for your wedding ceremony. Use his hands – Grooms who are skilled at carpentry can also be put to work. Have him build an
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Planning: Tips for the Groom – Part 1

Let’s face it, most men won’t be jumping at the chance to help choose table linens or china patterns for your wedding reception. Many men will even have trouble remembering to pick up their tuxes. There is no one size fits all solution to getting your husband to be involved in planning your wedding. It
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