Yellow as a Wedding Color – Part 2

Your color palette comes into play everywhere you look. It is important to be consistent and to not forget anything. So be sure to focus on keeping your colors fluid throughout your invitations, flowers, decorations, and favors.

Using a yellow accent stripe on our Victoria Damask Wedding Invitations makes for a beautifully modern wedding invitation, where your names are a focal point of the design. With a splash of yellow with black ink, this invitation is stunning. Or try our Luster Wedding Invitations. This two-toned design really pops off the page and what a great way to show you are a fun-loving and colorful couple.

How could we not mention daisies? Gathered in bunches alone or with other flowers daisies are always a hit. Daffodils are another option or even the ever popular sunflower, which, by the way, comes in many sizes. You can find small ones and group them together or go with a large single flower tied off with ribbon.

Reception Decor:
Linens look gorgeous in any shade of yellow, especially if you are choosing a lighter shade such as a soft yellow. Or a bold but not bright yellow like last years favorite mustard. This would be quite an easy way to showcase your typically vibrant color choice without overpowering everyone’s eyes. If you have settled on sunshine yellow then it may be best to opt for your yellow to appear as the accent color.

Favors: Yellow favors are bountiful especially in the spring. So many lovely things come in this beautiful color. Of course you could offer flower seeds. Or go with yellow cookies like macaroons stacked and wrapped in clear cellophane bags. Candies are always a big hit or try beautiful paper cones filled with candied pecans.

Tall wedding centerpiece - yellow and white rose with lemon accents


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