Yellow as a Wedding Color – Part 1

Yellow speaks to us as a color of happiness and calm. Sunshine warms the body mind and spirit. A color that tends to put us in such a good mood is a great choice for a color to use in your wedding. You will want to look back on this day for years to come and see joy and happiness in your faces.

Color combinations that look great with yellow are:

  • Gray: Yellow and gray is a color combination that seems to be emerging a lot lately. The great thing about these two colors together is that they each offer so much variety in their shades and tones. Mix bold mustards with soft dusty grays for a dramatic statement. Or try bright yellow gowns and bouquets tied off with silvery-gray satin ribbon for a gorgeous but subtle look.
  • Green: Such a bright uplifting color palette allows for lots of nature friendly inspiration including vibrant spring inspired floral displays. Use lemons and limes together as organic decor that really pops. These colors are so often together in nature try to really run with that theme when choosing this palette.
  • Black: This color offers the ultimate in beautiful contrasts. So of course it looks terrific with yellow. Especially bold, bright, can’t help but make you smile yellows! These two colors make a bold statement. Yellow and black damask designs throughout your wedding theme look gorgeous. Try cheery yellow bridesmaid gowns with black scarves for an early spring or late fall wedding.
  • Orange: Sunny days are here again for sure with this uplifting team. Whether you chose this combination because you are getting married in the middle of summer or just simply because you love bright colors this is a combo to surely pop. Keep up with the citrus theme and display mock orange and lemon trees as centerpieces or just as decor.
  • Blue: Yellow and blue is a great choice for a getaway wedding or a wedding that you want to feel like a getaway we can’t help but think of warm sunny places. Run wild with an island theme think of beautiful skies and white sandy beaches. Bold blue floral displays with sunshine yellow vases accompanied with matching table linens.

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