Writing Your Own Wedding Vows – Part 1

May couples today don’t feel like they are the traditional wedding vow type. Not all couples feel comfortable using the same vows so many couples have before them. A lot of couples wish to make their weddings as personal as possible. Personalized vows included.

A great way to express to everyone including your husband to be is by using your own words in your wedding vows. Be sure to clear this with your officiant first. There are several religions that only allow their vows to be recited and or require that they be recited along with your own either in whole or in part.

Most officiants will want to hear the vows prior to the event. Obviously if you are writing the whole thing including the entire ceremony and vows your officiant should be somewhat involved in the writing process. As they will need to practice and be well-versed in this specific ceremony particularly if it does not follow a more "traditional" order.

Writing your wedding vows together is a terrific way for the two of you to bond. Be clear with each other about what you want to say and how long you want to take to say it. You don’t want one person to be mushy for five minutes while the other is light-hearted and joking for two. Decide together whether writing together or not what type of order you want to go into as well.

Example: 1. How much you love the other. 2. Why you love the other. 3.What you see for the two of you in the future.

Decide on whether or not you plan to show each other your vows before the wedding. Will it calm both of your nerves to have an idea of what the other says or would you like to be completely surprised at the alter?

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