What is a Toast Anyway – Part 1

A toast is a ritual in which a drink is taken as an expression of honor.

Typically a toast is a speech wherein the toaster makes wishes or blessings upon another person. A lot of the time the wishes or blessings will be for things such as health, lots of children or wealth. Always after the toast is delivered a drink is taken

While more considered a tradition of the western world other regions also take part in something similar.

Toasts are typically done at moments of celebration. Such as a New Years Eve party, births, and wedding receptions. In which people are gathered to serve a purpose of celebration itself. When announcing that you are about to give a speech you should tap on the glass of your drink.

At a wedding typically the toaster will reference how terrific the couple is together. How wonderful they seem to be for one another. Also, there are many times when a humorous story may be told at the guest’s expense. These stories should be kept light hearted of course. Also, the toastmaster would thank all of the guests for joining in on the joyous occasion and thank the hosts of the event(s).There isn’t a lot of etiquette on toasts as far as whether or not they should be kept strictly humorous or sentimental. Obviously you should alter your speech to the mood of the event. 

The host of the party should be (if they wish) the first person to offer a toast. No one should offer their toast until after the host has either given their toast or agreed that they do not wish to speak themselves.

The call to toast varies widely from area to area and from country to country. While most places in the states say “Cheers” some say “bottoms up” or “to health!”

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