Wedding Trends for 2011 – Part 2

5.) Wacky engagement photos:
Gone are the days of perfectly posed pictures standing with your left hand on your fiancé’s chest in front of a tree. Today’s brides are opting to go all out with their engagement pictures. Hey engagement photos are not always expected so have a little fun with it. Do you two love to read any chance you get? Then have photos of you taken in a library, and on the bench outside faux reading.  Have a street fair going on nearby? Take some photos on a picnic table sipping on lemon shake ups or, playfully fighting over a funnel cake.

6.) Bunting:
Bunting is the generic term for a festive decoration made of paper, plastic or fabric. We often see bunting in the form of a string with colorful triangular flags gathered and draped into swags, or pleated. Fairly common at birthday and Fourth of July parties, wouldn’t these look lovely in your wedding colors strung across the front of your sweet-heart table? Or have several of them cascading from the ceiling above the dance floor.

7.) Lighting:
Play with your lighting at the reception venue. If you are hiring a wedding planner, get them in on this. If not speak directly with the locations manager and or on-site planner. There are several different ways to play around with your lighting. You can add colored gels to the lights, (soft colored lens that fit over lights) to add depth and warmth to the room. If you love candlelight look into placing candles inside mason jars and gather them on tables.  Want to imitate the glow of the night sky? Hang the jars above the dance floor.

8.) Succulents:
While floral blooms are always going to remain a mainstay, many couples are trading in traditional blooms for these lovely plants. Succulents are water retainers; a common succulent is the Aloe Vera plant. Aloe Vera is known for its large fleshy leaves that store abundant amounts of water. Succulents are typically one or many different shades of green. The textures can vary vastly from waxy, to hairy and even prickly like a cactus!  They look terrific in a western theme wedding planted in terra cotta pots.

So for the year ahead remember that your wedding is always and most importantly about you and your fiancé. While weddings seem to be becoming increasingly personalized there is nothing wrong with sticking with tradition as well. Maybe just pick and choose your favorite traditions? Blend the old with the new and you might come up with your own future wedding trend.

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