Wedding Trends for 2011 – Part 1

It’s almost time to tuck 2010 in and start off a new year. This year brought the DIY movement further along with many different trends. Find our prediction on what will stick around, and what newer trends we see on the horizon.

1.) Relationship Timelines:
Yep, we think these are just going to become more popular. And why wouldn’t they?  They are such a unique and ultra-modern extra, and what’s better yet, there aren’t any rules to follow! Whether you design and make them yourself or hire a designer, the timeline is always a big hit. Remember not all of your guests know the story of your courtship it’s nice to help fill in the blanks for them. Make minis and tuck them into your invitation, or blow up a poster sized one to feature at the reception.

2.) Knee length wedding dress:
Bye-bye super long train, and hello super ruffled bottom! Okay, not all knee-length dresses have the ruffled bottom there are plenty of styles to choose from when purchasing this length. The knee-length dress is a dress cut just above or below the knee.  Typically best suited for daytime and or casual weddings this shorter gown is a kitschy alternative the grand ball-gown and gives just as much a statement. Shorter brides can wear this gown if they think wisely and invest in some higher heeled shoes. Knee-length dresses tend to make shorter brides appear a bit shorter and or heavier than they really are.

3.) Non-floral centerpieces:

Last year we mentioned that the large floral centerpieces were taking a bit of a backseat lately. However for 2011 we don’t think it’s going to just be short stems replacing those grand centerpieces. Centerpieces are becoming as unique as the couple. For the nerdy couple a small stack of books is appropriate. What about the couple who’s bride is a photographer? Expect to see a mini collection of photos in antique frames at the center of teach table for those weddings.

4.) Dessert Bars (multiple cakes):
This trend is especially great for the brides whom don’t like to always go with what is expected and still satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth. Featuring dessert bars or multiple cake tables is a great way to satisfy your guests. Whether you opt to display a table full of sweets ranging from brownies, to cookies, cakes and pies or just supply them with several different freestanding different flavored cakes. What about topping your own cheese cake slice, with varying berries and sauces for drizzling on top?

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