Wedding Transportation – Part 1

Often overlooked or forgotten is the need of transportation. Whether you just need a getaway car for yourself, your bridal party, or the entire reception, the list below should help you during your transportation journey.

Transportation Checklist:

Questions to ask yourself

  • What is my transportation budget? This will help you assess what services and special additions, if any you can afford.
  • What do you see yourself arriving in? Classic car, Horse-drawn carriage, Limousine, Town car etc.
  • Who all do you need to provide transportation for? Your parents, his parents, attendants etc.
  • Do you need to provide mass transport? Depending on where the events are being held you could then look into renting: busses, vans, golf carts, hay wagons, etc.
  • Will you need to hire a valet service? Speak with the venue where the events are being held as they may already have a valet company they typically use, or one their on site.

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