Wedding Thank Yous – Part 1

Getting started:

Sending out your thank you notes is an important part of the wedding process. Once you make your way home from the honeymoon there is no doubt you want to see what is inside all of those boxes. Mailing out your thank you notes is the next step after tearing into those presents. You want to have them sent out as soon as you can. No one wants the daunting task of sending out 200 cards hanging over their head for long. So we decided to compile some tips for you to help ease the process.

Get a notebook out and an ink pen and begin by writing down the guest’s name and what they brought as a gift on the paper as you open them. It would be ideal if you have saved your wedding guest invitation list. That way you will have everyone’s name and address nearby.

Be sure to have some beautiful wedding stationery on hand. Here at the American Wedding, we offer a wide array of thank you notes. If you order your invitations from us, you always have the option of ordering a matching thank you note in the same style of your reception and response card.

You may opt to purchase notes that simply say thank you on the front. You can order what is called informal notes and those would typically have your newly married name or monogram on the front. Ex. Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Smith or mSe. If you choose to order notes that are personalized, be sure to order a set with just your name or monogram on them as well so that you may use them for gifts that arrive prior to the wedding. You should not send out a thank you with your married name or monogram prior to the wedding

If you like more of a monogrammed embossed look take a look at our sister company’s website American Stationery. With over 90 years of experience in the stationery business, you are sure to find beautiful high-quality stationery that will show the world that you are now a proper married couple.

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