Wedding Thank You Notes – Part 3

How to write:

Start off as soon as you can. If you receive a gift prior to the wedding it is perfectly acceptable to send the thank you note out as soon as you receive the gift.

You should try to get all of the thank yous out within a month of returning home from your honeymoon.

You want to write about the gift. They want to know that you know what they got you! You don’t have to pour your heart out and write everyone a letter, but a few sentences on the lovely vase is good.

Be careful with monetary gifts, don’t just say “thanks for the cash!” Let them know what you plan to do with it. i.e. adding on a breakfast nook.


Cash Example:

Dear Grandpa and Grandma Kleinfeld,

Thank you very much for your gift. We are looking forward to making some renovations to our home. Thanks to your generous gift we can start looking at paint chips sooner than we thought!

All our love Matthew and Elaine

Gift Example

Dear John and Stacy,

Thank you so much for the stand mixer. Now, Matthew and I can be the entertainers of the group! We are looking forward to your next visit where we can whip up some fabulous treats for you two!

All our love Matthew and Elaine

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